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Lively Stones

A Holy Priesthood 

Men Volunteering

Lively Stones is our Mentorship Program for Young Men Ages 13-18

Our program hosts a series of weekly life skills group meets on Zoom, with a focus on:

Building and uplifting young men and assisting them on their journey of becoming fruitful soldiers in the army of the Lord.

MEET OUR  Mentor
Min. Jamin Hodges
Smiling Man

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Minimum Qualifications​​

  • Complete a background check & drug screen

  • Experience working with children is a plus but not required

  • Three character references (one personal and two professional/academic)

  • You must be at least 25 years of age 

  • A commitment of at least 1 year

  • Available for weekly group meetings & planned outings/retreats

Other Desired Attributes 

  • Committed: Shares God’s passion for service through prayer, honor, integrity, accountability and stewardship.

  • Attentive: Looks out for the needs of others by being thoughtful, genuine, caring, courteous and honest.

  • Responsive: Provides effective results by owning each interaction, following through, making and keeping promises.

  • Excellent: Continuously strives to exceed expectations by seeking, acquiring and sharing knowledge

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