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"Testimony Loading" 


“This idea, “Testimony Loading…” was birthed through our faith, during prayer and praise! We declare that we know IT will work together for good, because we love the Lord and are called according to His purpose! We believe that God has a hope and a future for us that is being revealed! Because God is FOR us, who or what can be against us! We speak life and declare by faith, that it will not always be like or look like or feel like this, but that God is working, perfecting, refining, shifting, shaping, molding, and moving in our lives and situations! We know we are coming out of the test with A TESTIMONY! We are VICTORIOUS, TRIUMPHANT, and MORE THAN CONQUERORS THROUGH CHRIST! It’s all for HIS GLORY! 


When you wear this T-Shirt, be reminded of this! 

Praise God today for your Testimony Loading…”

Testimony Loading Shirt

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