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Women Inspiring Women

Updated: May 21, 2021

Good morning sweet beautiful ladies 💞Thank you all for your support Monday night at WIW. God is so amazing! Terrie Robinson, it's amazing how you take things others look at as trash, but you take it and make something beautiful.

You inspired me because of how sometimes we are so quick to write people off as nothing, but God takes that same individual and makes something beautiful.

What a creative talent God has given you in using your hands so amazingly. Pastor Tangya Elliott, thank you for sharing so much needful information on Win Outreach Ministry (Women in Need), helping families in need. Ladies, there is so much help in this area.

All the nonprofit ministry is asking you to do is make the contact & get the help you need or if you know of someone else in need. Help is available. Please follow WIN Outreach on social media. Thank you Tammi Pettway for coming from Huntsville to share with us your ministry of Restoring Hope Foundation, what an awesome ministry that also serves Limestone County. Again, ladies' help is available to check her out on Facebook.

Also, thank you to others that shared their gifts and talents. First Lady Christine Clay, multiple business owner & beautiful decorating talent, Canary Lucious, started her janitorial business from ground zero and how God blessed it to be a great income & also to be a blessing to others, Mary Newman Baldwin, Tracie Winn, Authors & Pam Mathis, Author and PEW Partner ministries. Victoria Griggs, crockpot recipe book getting ready to publish.

So much wonderful talent, don't let what God has given you lay dominant. Please follow these ladies on Facebook, order their books, and get involved. If you have a business or ministry that you would like to share with us please contact me before our next meeting that is scheduled for June 5th, if it's the Lord's will. Don't despise small beginnings. Stay the course God is making something beautiful

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