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Women Inspiring Women/Girl Talk Today Hosts 1st 5K Run/Walk For Youth Awareness

Women Inspiring Women/Girl Talk Today hosted our 1st 5K Run/Walk Youth Awareness.

Our goal was to bring together our "Community Village" churches, businesses, nonprofits organizations, individuals, etc. to come together and show our youth that positive groups are available to help them in any situation.

Our youth are being affected with so much negative and tragedy, some of the common youth problems they are facing today usually relate to:

  • Self-Esteem and Body Image.

  • Suicide

  • Stress

  • Bullying

  • Depression

  • Cyber Addiction

  • Drinking and Smoking

  • Teen Pregnancy

  • Underage Sex

And so much more.

The groups below were able to come and share their great vision for the youth.

  • Sherika Rick Balentine - 3rd Street Boys and Girls Club Teen Center

  • Kurtistyne Bellamy White - Teenage Suicide Awareness

  • Tiara Turner -Save Our Girls

  • Cortez Randolph - Inspirational Speaker

  • Lawyer Patrick Caver - Social Media and the danger

  • Sherri Cohens- Day Springs Counseling Services

Tangy Elliott - Win Outreach Ministries for women and children.

Janet Viers, Director of Women Inspiring Women, stated, "We have a lot of organization and opportunities for girls but not a lot for boys."

Cortez Randolph would like to partner with Women Inspiring Women/Girl Talk Today to start an outreach program for boys. John Viers has volunteered to assistant him. We will be opening up soon for other outstanding young men that would like to mentor our young boys.

Women Inspiring Women/Girl Talk Today is in need of mentors as well. All of our mentors will be trained and have to pass a background check because they start mentoring our children.

It was such a great turnout even though it was cold. The impact was worth it!

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